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Karen + Robert’s Riverside Wedding

Our last wedding of 2018 was the beautiful riverside wedding of Karen & Robert. These two beautiful souls found love later in life and it was a lovely intimate wedding full of laughter, love and warmth. A church service followed by a reception in a hall with connections close to Robert and his family. We…
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Who Chooses a Celebrant and why?

Many of you are probably aware that us Celebrants write and officiate the most beautiful and personalised ceremonies – but who would chose a Celebrant and why?

Ashleigh + Jonny’s Woodland Tipi Wedding

When Jonny and Ashleigh first contacted us, we were excited by their wedding day because they wanted a woodland wedding which has to be one of our favourite ceremony types. The only planning that they had completed when we got the call from them was that they had ‘booked a venue, some tipis and possibly…
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Steph + Jeff’s Summer Wedding

Steph and Jeff’s summer wedding has to be one of our favourite weddings from last year, not in the least because we have known Steph and her family for over 10 years and so for us as well as being a client’s wedding this was a wedding for friends, a family we’ve been honoured to…
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Introducing Hannah – Planning Assistant

Sometimes we are so busy planning weddings that we forget that not everyone know’s who is who within the R&F office so today we thought we would introduce you to Hannah, one of our Planning Assistants. “Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I’ve been part of team R&F as a Planning Assistant since October 2017. The…
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4CWA Wedding Planner of the Year 2018

After Winning the prestigious 4CWA award last year for our Wedding Planning the idea of making it two years in a row seemed a little far fetched.


Aynhoe Park Wedding – Kim & David

In 2017, I received an email enquiry from Kim and David who were looking for a planner to create their UK destination wedding, they were looking for someone who ‘got them and their crazy ideas’.  Following that email occurred a surreal Skype call with talk of elephants and monkeys and I  knew that this was…
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Your Guide to Getting Married Abroad

Destination weddings are getting increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. For one, they provide a neutral location for the festivities. This reduces the chance of family drama that can come from the two families both having strong ideas of what the wedding should look like and whose hometown should be chosen as the…
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Top 10 Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Band

With a current trend of festival style multi day weddings and having both live music and a DJ becoming a popular choice it soon becomes apparent that there are a large number of bands available each one with their individual sound, style and requirements so how do you choose the best band for you? We…
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Why you should take out wedding insurance

We discuss what wedding insurance is, what it covers, how much it costs as well as some tips on selecting the best wedding insurance policy and what are the risks of an uninsured wedding. The majority of couples will tie the knot this year without wedding insurance. The last time a study was conducted in…
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